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Transcript Order

To order a transcript, please complete the following information and click Submit.


Delivery Original * First Copy to Each Party Each Additional Copy to the Same Party
Hourly $7.25 / page $1.20 / page $0.90 / page
Daily $6.05 / page $1.20 / page $0.90 / page
3 Days $5.45 / page $1.05 / page $0.75 / page
7 Days $4.85 / page $0.90 / page $0.60 / page
14 Days $4.25 / page $0.90 / page $0.60 / page
Regular $3.65 / page $0.90 / page $0.60 / page

* First requester is responsible of paying original transcript rate as shown above.

Realtime Rates **

Delivery 1 Feed 2 to 4 Feeds 5 Feeds or more
Realtime $3.05 / page $2.10 / page $1.50 / page

** Subject to Court's approval, a draft unedited transcript produced by a certified realtime reporter as a byproduct of realtime to be delivered electronically during proceedings or immediately following adjournment.

Requester's Information

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*** Person coordinating the transcript request

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Case Information

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Proceeding Information

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Type of Proceeding
If Proceeding Type is Testimony, please specify the witness' name.
If Proceeding Type is Pre-Trial Proceeding, please specify the proceeding type
If Proceeding Type is Other, please provide a brief description
Select purpose of the transcript
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Delivery Information

Delivery Category

NOTE:  The court reporter will send you an e-mail with a quote and information on the preferred payment method.  This quote will be subject to the prevailing transcript rates and the selected delivery category.